It all started when Ed Farrell was 5 years old and his parents bought a pet duck. They named it ‘Quackers’……. because what else would you name it?! At such a young age, Ed wasn’t to know of his destiny, but if there was ever an explanation of fate, it could be this story.

Ed started his journey by getting a degree in Food Science & Nutrition and went on to have a successful career in the food industry where he wound up working on a duck farm. It was here his love of duck truly blossomed. He saw how well they are reared, the health benefits (read more on our menu page) of duck products, how different they are to (the inferior) chicken, and of course, just how good they tasted.

Ed worked with some of the UK’s top chefs, developing cooking techniques, recipes and finding inventive ways of preparing duck. He literally ate duck every day and didn’t get bored. In fact it just made him love it more and more – he still eats from his own truck whenever he can!

So being an excitable, young, wannabe entrepreneur, Ed knew he had to do something ducky. Streetfood was only just a rumour in the UK back in those early days, but Ed drew inspiration from the U.S.A where the streetfood scene had started. The concept of easy access to restaurant quality food, at low prices was what initially attracted him. It didn’t take long to think of a name and hey, The Duck Truck was born!

Today we still do festivals and events as well having our airstream Food Truck and restaurant in London. Watch this space because we’re not finished yet…….

“Another bird is getting its time to shine thanks to a dedicated duck restaurant”


Harden’s London Restaurant Awards. Best Street Food Award 2019.

The Evening Standard

Move over chicken, there’s a new poultry in town.

Time Out

Another bird is getting its time to shine.

Fresh Montgomery

The UK’s first and only, duck only restaurant.